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Woke up today and felt like crap. Hung out with friends, went to state. Still feel like crap right now.

How am I going to finish the message that I am supposed to give on Sat. God help me.


APRIL FOOLS! Aw boo I’m Late…

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                                                                                                                                                                   Prom Night   

April Fools is the 1 year anniversary for Tracy and I…no that is not a joke haha, what an easy anniversary to remember right? The funny thing about it is that we didn’t even realize that it was April 1st at that time, we were on the phone when it happened…yes yes I know its tacky and that I suck for it, but thats how it happened and I can’t be happier that it did. 

Today is another thing that I can add to my list of regrets, along with not joining any sports teams in high school, not even being able to share the gospel even once during my mission trip, and my first rejection just to name a few. Today I was too busy worrying about something and in doing so that stopped me from starting to do anything special for her, even her sister one-up’d me today. /sigh It seems that I will not be able to make it up to her because “the special air” is gone. It actually wasn’t my original intent to make this post a sad one so here I go to try and make up for it.

There are so many things that I love about Tracy, but when someone asks me “why do you love her?” I haven’t been able to give a good answer. That isn’t good at all right? Well then lets get started shall we? Tracy Yang is beautiful, she is cute. She has a wonderful smile and a good sense of humour to boot. Although it is sometimes rather crude, I love it nonetheless and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She can draw, which I am rather envious and proud of. Tracy also sings pretty well in my honest opinion, however, she doesn’t seem to think so haha. Around the house she is taken for granted and underappreciated yet she still does her chores and still has time to go to church, do school stuff, and spend time with me, and for this I am grateful. One of my favorite things about Tracy is that she is a Christian, if she wasn’t then I wouldn’t know what to do…although I’d probably still date her anyways =] Another thing that I love about her is her creativity, whether in art or in other things such as making amvs haha, not being very creative myself I am quite envious of people who are, like Tracy haha…I repeated myself didn’t I? Ah well :] I also like how Tracy is so independent, being able to cook, clean, take the bus, help her mom, grandma, and sister, and taking care of school stuff on her own. I like her style and how its different from so many of the other girls out there, and how sometimes she may be seen as “manly” but her “girly” side is really just beneath the surface. From the way she walks, to the way she talks, I love it all, even how she gets mad at me and acts sometimes. It is what makes Tracy, Tracy. 


                                   Happy 1 Year Anniversary Tracy


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so I remembered I had a blog and then I thought.


Here again

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Ah here we are again at Rayson’s dusty blogspace. haha I haven’t posted for soooo long and i guess i’ll start now. xD

City college, curse thee curse thee….
So instead of even one class this time, I have none!
yay me…I now have to add like three online courses and one or two telecourses..yeah Television courses. But enough about that I suppose.

Hows that Obama inauguration? =]

I haven’t posted any pics since i got my camera…so there will soon be pics up. but not this time =]
keep coming back my invisible audience, i have updates coming up!


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At this very moment my eyelids are curiously heavy, yet I still find the energy to come here and write this blog…hm

This is what I did

Went to Chevy’s for happy hour! (yay for half off appetizers getting you full!)

Walked around westfield

played pool



I’ll post up pics next time… my camera! woo…..zzz

An update

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Well I didn’t want to update until I have recieved my camera…but now I’m guessing that I might as well…

Last week my friends and I were at chinatown so I picked up a present for my little sister…

Sister's present


The hat is not part of the present haha, that was a present for me from one of my friends! woo thanks again. Anyways, we bought this kirby for 40$ at this one card shop, 40 dollars man…that was one expensive plushie. The 4 of us chipped in 10 each so it wasn’t as expensive for us haha, but still…we found the same kirby for like 20 bucks on ebay. /sigh ah well haha. On the same day we also went to 3 different card shops around CT and this is the loot we’ve obtained!



:O do you notice it? yes?



YES, THERE IT IS! The hard to get Mezuki, a staple in any self-respecting zombie deck. For you non YGO (yu-gi-oh!) players out there, just disregard this haha. I bought 2 premium pack twos and out of these 2 packs I got one MEZUKIII, and an Athena (2nd one). The two rarest ones you can get in these packs woo!

I’ve decided not to put up what I did today, but if you really want to know then its quite simple really. I spent the day with my gf.

Sidenote: I should probably update…MOAR

Pictures were taken from my webcam

I’m totally procrastinating on my assignment to write this. yay!


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So in all reality i don’t have anything against Obama at all, and I did indeed expect Obama to win.

It isn’t like it would have mattered though…I never paid much attention to politics and I did not register this year…=O! yeah I didn’t register…although these will be excuses they are also my reasons why haha. I had to print out the paper then mail it, my printer was out of ink and I was too lazy to refill the ink cartridges and too lazy to ask my friends to help me print it out, the 2nd reason was that I did not know where else to register and I didn’t really care much, honestly…

However, if I did register to vote and go vote thereafter…I would have threw my vote to some party other than the Democrats and the Republicans, and I definitely would have voted Yes on Prop 8. I am a Christian first and secondly, I have never supported gays and I find that their practices are repulsive, but no I do not hate gays if you’d like to know. Love the sinner, hate the sin. The essence of Christian love for others. Anyways, both candidates will keep the war going and neither of them seem to be better than the other. Of course this can be argued haha.

So this is something I will do each time I update.

7:30  Wake up, turn off alarm

8:35  Wake up, get out of bed 20 min after

8:50  catch the 9x to go to class

9:30-11:00 History class…this class sucks and now I have 2 papers due next thursday..yipee!

11:00 – 2:00? Hung out with Tracy and Charlie, went to CT to eat some Pho…YES! PHO! I ate 2 bowls =]

2:00 – 6:00  I watched V for Vendetta with Tracy, my third time. Love this movie. Walked her home after.

6:00 – around 7?  chatted and what else?…I don’t recall…

7-ish – 10-ish Watched some CNN for some news with Kai who came over..did some yugioh stuff..yeah

now its 11:54 and I’m just about finished with this post.

Some other stuff

I want my camera already!….and….if anyone who reads this uses Mozilla firefox hurry and go get the add-on StumbleUpon, it is awesome.